Mission Possible
Turn LD2 and Arizona Blue in 2024!

We are on a mission to turn Legislative District 2 and the state of Arizona Blue this year, but we need your help! The plan is to create a “golden ticket” (slate of candidates) and get that golden ticket in the hands of all Democrats and left-leaning Independents and Republicans in LD2. We’ll text the thousands of voters who have a phone number in the VAN, but that leaves us with many thousands more Democratic, Independent, and non-MAGA Republican voters who we must reach via mail.

Postage is set to go up again, this time to 73 cents on July 14th, which is just around the corner.

Studies indicate that direct personal mail is the most effective way to reach voters, and we know this year’s ballot will be overwhelming with all the propositions. Other legislative districts that have used the golden ticket (slate cards) have received positive feedback from voters, and we will, too, but we’ve got to get the golden ticket in LD2 voters’ hands.

We need your help turning LD2 and Arizona Blue in 2024. Help us reach our goal of raising $10,000 for postage before the July 14th deadline!