LD2 Policies

As presented during our LD2 monthly meeting on April 20, 2022

Policy for LD2 Facebook (FB) Presence

Background: LD2 maintains both a Closed Facebook Group (Arizona LD2 Dems) and an open Facebook page (Arizona LD2 Democrats or @LD2Democrats). Anyone can post to the open FB Page. We need to adopt criteria for:

  • the content posted on our FB Page and FB Group
  • admittance to the Closed FB group.  Administrators are the only ones who can accept or deny requests for inclusion in the group.

Administrators of the Closed FB group are limited to: LD2 Chair, 1st Vice Chair, Secretary; Vice Chair of Digital Resources

Policy re: membership to Closed FB group: The following types of individuals will be allowed admittance into the Closed FB group:

  • Democratic Precinct Committee-people (PCs) registered in LD2 and in good standing for the current election cycle
  • MCDP Executive Board Members
  • MCDP Staff
  • ADLCC Staff
  • ADP Executive Board Members
  • ADP Staff
  • LD2 House Democratic Candidates and their campaign manager
  • LD2 Senate Democratic Candidates and their campaign manager
  • CD1 Democratic Candidates and their campaign managers
  • US Senate (AZ) Democratic Candidates and their campaign manager

Policy re
: removal of FB content on the open page and/or closed group: If FB content does not meet the criteria as stated in the “Policy for Disseminating Information Electronically”, it will be removed by the Administrators.  Please be aware that while volunteer FB admins are responsible for moderating the pages, we cannot immediately review every comment posted on a page and take action on them

Policy for Disseminating Information Electronically

: LD2 is asked by its Precinct Committeepeople (PC) and others to forward information which might be of interest to our LD2 email lists.  We need to define parameters for forwarding information.  We should always encourage our PCs to post information to their FB page and to sign up for the closed FB group so that they can freely post in this forum.

There are at least 2 concerns regarding delivering this information:

  1. What is acceptable to disseminate?
  2. How much / how frequently should we disseminate this information until we have a formal newsletter?

Policy: Information must meet the following criteria:

  • Content supports the mission and/or goals of LD2
  • Content supports the mission and/or goals of MCDP
  • Content supports the mission and/or goals of ADP
  • Content must not be vulgar, obscene, or deemed offensive (including, but not limited to defamation or hate speech)
  • Content must not threaten to harm individuals, groups, or organizations
  • Content must not be forwarded via email if the purpose of the information is for the promotion of any primary candidate.  However, we will include candidate information in our newsletters. 
  • When in doubt, seek out guidance from the LD2 Chair or 1st Vice Chair

Mission Possible
Turn LD2 and Arizona Blue in 2024!

We are on a mission to turn Legislative District 2 and the state of Arizona Blue this year, but we need your help! The plan is to create a “golden ticket” (slate of candidates) and get that golden ticket in the hands of all Democrats and left-leaning Independents and Republicans in LD2. We’ll text the thousands of voters who have a phone number in the VAN, but that leaves us with many thousands more Democratic, Independent, and non-MAGA Republican voters who we must reach via mail.

Postage is set to go up again, this time to 73 cents on July 14th, which is just around the corner.

Studies indicate that direct personal mail is the most effective way to reach voters, and we know this year’s ballot will be overwhelming with all the propositions. Other legislative districts that have used the golden ticket (slate cards) have received positive feedback from voters, and we will, too, but we’ve got to get the golden ticket in LD2 voters’ hands.

We need your help turning LD2 and Arizona Blue in 2024. Help us reach our goal of raising $10,000 for postage before the July 14th deadline!